There is no doubt that our Egyptian society believe in jobs in egypt as one of its strength points but the question is Are jobs in egypt truly important in our society?
Firstly we need to know what is the meaning of jobs in egypt is the person who learnt how to create or fix something with their hands and he became jobs in egypt, clever and smart on it
In our society the jobs in egypt doesn’t need certificate or to be high graduated but the most important thing is to be jobs in egypt in his work
Examples for jobs in egypt:- “ Carpenter – Electrician- Mechanic- Plumber – Laborer - ……… etc “
Second question is ,Who didn’t need the jobs in egypt before ? . There are hundreds or thousands of jobs in egypt in our society some of them manage their own projects and the others are still searching for any opportunities that can help them showing their professionalism
Now in Jobs Nile one of the biggest companies that hire jobs in egypt who don’t have work . We have a lot of opportunities suit for them in all professional fields
Jobs Nile aims to fight against unemployment finding jobs in egypt , the distinguished abilities and special skills in all fields