Add videos as wallpaper on your Linux desktop

The app is free to download but you would have to pay $5.49 to unlock the ability to save the live wallpaper to your Photos app. Not just Live Wallpapers, you also get the option to create your own Live Wallpapers from existing videos on your iPhone. Simply select a video, trim it down and save it as a Live Wallpaper. Another quirky feature worth mentioning about this app, ASMR. You get access to interactive screens that simulate real-life textures such as slime, confetti, glitter, etc.

  • Select Wallpaper followed by Live Wallpaper to choose a new wallpaper.
  • Learn how to avoid the zoom effect by iOS, so any square photo fits your iPhone wallpaper.
  • Try to figure out how many layers of wallpaper there are to remove while you’re there.
  • Choose the wallpaper you like the most, go to ‘ General ‘ and press ‘ Set as background ‘.

We sprayed them again, only about once or twice to soften the remaining glue, then with the wallpaper scraping tool, scrape off the leftover glue. It was messy and kind of gross, but a necessary step before you paint. If glue is left on the wall’s surface paint will crack and flake off.

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Allow it to sit for 15 minutes or so, and then slip the edge of a putty knife between the two layers of paper. To do this, grab yourself a wallpaper scoring tool, and roll the tool over the wallpaper in small sections. Either way, to remove it without damaging the underlying walls or wallpaper, you’ll need to take your time. Below we’ve laid out the steps for the best way to remove wallpaper borders—without damaging your walls in the process. If you have drywall, be careful not to oversteam.

Cut the first strip of wall covering four to six inches longer than the height of the wall to provide two- to three-inch allowances at the top and bottom. Hold the cut piece up to ensure that it is the proper length and that it is a pleasing pattern placement. Please keep in mind, this method of measuring will work for random match wallpapers but you may need extra material if you’re using a required pattern match. If you aren’t experienced with hanging wallpaper, it’s best to choose a wallpaper with a simpler pattern so it’s easier to line up the pieces. Use your measuring tape to measure the ceiling height plus 4 in from the cut end down and make a mark at the edge of the paper with your pencil.

How to remove wallpaper with a soap solution

Prepasted paper is basically wallpaper that has a thin layer of glue on the back. Many online tutorials recommend using a water tray for hanging prepasted papers, but I prefer to use a spray bottle of water. Just fill her up with water, lay your cut panel down over your dropcloth and spray generously. Wait about 5 minutes for the glue to be activated.

Finally, take a wide scraper blade or spackling knife, and press it tightly against the paper where it meets the edge of the baseboard molding. Using the scraper or spackling knife as a straightedge, cut the paper cleanly with the utility knife. Change the cutting blade often; if it isn’t sharp, the paper will bunch up, snag, or tear. Most staircases have awkward angles that impede precise measurement. Wallpapers with thin, evenly spaced stripes or a small floral or geometric design are easiest to align.